Romantic Float N' Dine®

Expecting the water dining experience in the middle of River Krishna?

Then its time to step into Pavithra Sanghamam ghat at Ferry, Saraswati ghat at Rajahmundry, Valandara revu at Narsapuram.

As our Romantic Float N’ Dine® sails majestically on the banks of the river Krishna & Godavari. The Hydrophiles can picture themselves on the Romantic Float N’ Dine® in the river snuggling close to their special someone. The gastronoms can cool off by dining in middle of the river. The slot booking timings are as follows:

· Slot 1: 7 pm to 8:30 pm

· Slot 2: 8:30 pm to 10 pm

Our Simple Group Company Water Sports Simple which manages Ferry ghat, Saraswati ghat & Valandara revu are responsible for operations of Romantic Float N’ Dine® at respective sites.

With seating capacity of 8 members and the octagon table in the middle provides spacious and comfortable seating and can dine with pleasure.

Technical Details:

Romantic Float N’ Dine® was build-ed with pressure treated wood imported from USA & also the LED lightnings are provided throughout surface area of Romantic Float N’ Dine® which provides good lighting & attracts by its look.

Feature Description
L 7' 7'' x W 5' 3'' x H 2' 5''
1120 KG

A Dine for a Couple or more which is illuminated by a Float on water, especially in order to create a wonderful pleasant experience.

This brand named Romantic Float N’ Dine® is a registered trademark product which is specially manufactured by ePapayya Boat Manufacturing Unit in A.konduru, Andhra Pradesh, India.

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