EcoDome® is a patent pending portable resort from Simple Domes & first of its kind of domes in India. These domes  can be easily transported & installed with simple nut & bolt arrangement.

The Manufacturing cost of EcoDome® is very less when compared to that of civil construction work with same living area. The manufacturing lead time of the EcoDome® is 2-3 working days. The smallest configuration of the dome is 240 sq.ft living area. These domes are available in multiple sizes and colours. EcoDome® is 100% Made in Andhra Pradesh, India and delivered to any location in India.
EcoDome® is made with Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) material which gives extra strength to the dome. These domes are constructed with 25 pieces of hexagonal shaped structures.
The spherical design results in highly efficient and effective air circulation in both summer and winter. Less surface area makes these buildings less susceptible to temperature changes, and thus inexpensive to heat and cool as compared to rectangular homes. The aerodynamic exterior means cold and warm air flows around the structure instead of forcing its way into the interior.
For Ventilation purpose, these domes are provided with 15 windows out of which 11 of them are closed and the remaining 4 windows are openable (these can be customised as per client requirement). These Hexagonal shaped windows will add to the authentic look to the domes.
Also these domes are tested for water proof leakage after the final installation at the site. Each Individual piece is tightly fixed with nut & bolt and a thick layer of silicon gum is applied between individual pieces to seal the gap.
The interior of EcoDome® is insulated with a thick layer of thermocol sheets and on top covered with 8mm thick plywood sheets and painted.
EcoDome® can withstand adverse weather conditions like hurricanes, heavy rainfalls & heavy temperatures. Stage wise inspections are done during the manufacturing process for quality and durability.
EcoDome® is a most sustainable building type with very low ratio of materials to structure footprint and Eco-Friendly. It can be installed at parks, camp sites, hotels, resorts, site office, farm house and cottage.

Technical Specifications:

Feature Description
Material of Construction
Fiber glass Reinforced Plastic (FRP)

Note : Available in multiple signature colors.  Available in different sizes

Diameter : 17.5 ft
Height : 9.5 ft
Living Area : 240 sq.ft
Diameter : 20.5 ft
Height : 12.5 ft
Living Area : 330 sq.ft
Diameter : 25 ft
Height : 15 ft
Living Area : 490 sq.ft
Diameter : 29 ft
Height : 17 ft
Living Area : 660 sq.ft

Advantages of EcoDome:

All-year, all-weather, all-climates – Can withstand adverse weather conditions like hurricanes, heavy rains & high temperatures as well.
Portable – Ease of assembly and taken apart and moved to another location.
Fully enclosed.
100% water proof.
Durable and maintenance-free.
Most sustainable building type with very low ratio of materials to structure footprint.
100% Made in India.
Short Manufacturing Lead Time.
Ease of transportation.

Product Range:

Holiday parks & Camp sites
Hotels & Resorts
Site office
Farm house

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