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6 Seater Row Boat

A Row Boat is propelled only by it’s oars(poles with flat ends) alone, probably the most common type of boat found around waterfronts and at most fishing camps and docks on inland water. A true rowboat has an easy motion through the water and it glides between strokes. Thus the boat’s forward motion never ceases; each stroke of the oar keeps the boat underway, and a steady tempo of strokes can be kept up hour after hour. Boats are rowed in one of two ways: either the rower sits facing the stern and pulls with his arms and back, or he faces ahead, letting his weight fall forward on the oars. Sometimes the boat is sculled by one oar over the stern.

A Row Boat has a sitting capacity of up-to 6 persons(including the person rowing) and is generally used for short joy rides with family or friends or for fishing.


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6 Persons
300 KGS
L 13' x W 5'5" x H 2'6"
Fiber Glass Reinforced Plastic